How to Build a Grow Room

How to Build a Grow Room?

A few decades ago farming and in particular gardening was never taken seriously. It was associated with illiteracy and no one wanted to engage in it. With the advancement of technology, things have however changed, in 2019 you don’t need a 30 acres farm to grow plants. It can even be done on a 2*2 grow room. The best thing about gardening in a grow room is that it is easy to monitor the progress of your plants while at the same time provide them with all the essentials. There are ready-made grow rooms up for sale but they are expensive. How about you build your own? We will guide you on a step by step procedure on how to build a grow room.

Factors to consider when learning how to build a grow room

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Before you can even lay your hands to build grow room, you must have a plan. The plan involves exploring all avenues and factors to ensure that you build a structure that will best suit your crops for maximum yields. Here is a list of some of the factors you should consider before setting up a grow room.

Plants to be grown

Different plants have different needs. The kind of plants you intend on growing have a huge influence on how you should build your grow room. You can customize the structure such that it best suits the needs of the plants.


Grow rooms are portable structures meaning that they can be installed just anywhere. From the backyard, kitchen, garage or even in the living room, that is if it’s big enough. Before building a grow room pay special attention to where you intend on locating it. This should be in terms of space and the surrounding environment. It would be quite a pinch if you would build an excellent grow room only to find out that it doesn’t fit in the designated area.


You can build what you can’t afford. To begin with, the main reason for building a grow room rather than purchasing readymade is to cut on the cost. Most of the building equipment are very cheap and readily available. I don’t see how the budget will be an issue but if you are in a fix it is best to go for the cheapest equipment. After all, a low price doesn’t always mean low quality.

Things every grow rooms should have

Lighting system

Lighting system

Basic science taught us that plants need light in the presence of chlorophyll to make glucose. For plants that are grown in the open light should be least of your concern, the sun takes care of it. The same thing cannot be said about indoor gardening. You need to get a good source of light for your grow room.

How do you decide on the best lighting system in an industry with way over 1000 brands?

  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID)

This is the kind of light system to go with if your plants form dense canopies. HID has the highest intensity light and if science is anything to go by, the more the light, the more the yields.

  • LED grow lights

LED is the undisputed champion when it comes to indoor gardening! These grow extremely cheap and provide full spectrum light needed for plants to grow throughout the various stages of life. From germination to flowering and unlike other grow lights, LED grow lights have an inbuilt cooling system that ensures little to heat is emitted.

  • Fluorescent

Lacks full spectrum light buts still provide decent lighting. It is ideal when the plants are in the early stages of growth. That is between germination and growth.

Still, as part of a lighting system, it is important to note that different plants have different lighting needs at different stages of growth. The light requirement during flowering is not the same as that during the vegetative phase. Choose a lighting system that allows you to adjust the spectrum of the light given the needs of the plants.

Optimal temperature

Temperature is very sensitive in a grow room. This being a closed room if you are not careful the heat might be too much and this only end up damaging the leaves. Some of the common effects of too much heat are leaves turning yellow, wilting and in extreme cases the leaves drying.


If have grown weed then it must be clear to why it is essential to have the grow room airtight. It should be compact and airtight to ensuring that no air from the grow room escapes. Ideally, the lights you install should have a self-cooling system. For high yields, it is recommended that you supply oxygen to the grow area. Though plants use carbon dioxide to carry out photosynthesis, when its dark, they need oxygen which can be in limited supply given the number of plants you are growing.

Enough moisture

Water is life and essential to every living organism. Just because plants are grown in a grow room it doesn’t mean that they won’t water. Always ensure that you give your plants enough water. It doesn’t end there, the air inside the grow area should always be high in humidity,

Reflective materials

It’s hard to beat the sun as the source of light. It is for this reason that when learning how to build a grow room you should always ensure that pay special attention to using highly reflective materials. Light is reflected back to the plants and used to carry out photosynthesis.

Guide on how to build a grow room?

Equipment needed:

  • Tent

A tent is mandatory when building a grow room. Ideally, the tent should be highly reflective to ensure maximum use of light at the same time no light from outward sources penetrated in the grow area.

  • Grow light

Get the best brands in the market one that will guarantee you more than 10,000hrs of life.

  • Carbon filters

Some plants start producing an unpleasing odor when they flower. If you don’t want the smell spreading all over equip your grow room with carbon filters.

  • Extraction fans

It is not something out of the usual for the grow room to overheat. Even with some grow lights having an inbuilt cooling system, this might not be enough especially for small grow rooms. You still need extraction fans to cool things.

  • Support stands

The tent is not going to stand all by itself. You need support stands to hold the tent in position. Go something that is durable and non-corrosive.

  • Grow bed or pots

You need a grow bed or grow pot. Go for something spacious that will give the roots rooms to navigate. It should also return just enough water.

Final verdict

Gone are the days when you were required to hire an expert to build a grow room. With all the equipment readily available in the stores no degree in rocket science is needed to learn how to build a grow room. If you found this article useful please take a few seconds of your time and share it with a friend or two informing them on the same.

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